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How to Write A Comic Book Script

There are many ways to script a comic but we’re going to discuss the style I picked up when first starting out in comics. It’s a modified version of the style Neil Gaiman uses, which is apparently a modified version of the style Alan Moore uses so you know it’s a scripting style that works.

How to Save Your Game in LEGO Star Wars

Screenshot from LEGO Star Wars

Unlike many other modern video games, LEGO Star Wars contains no traditional “save game” option. The save game system in LEGO Star Wars instead relies heavily on auto saving at key points during play. In addition to reaching these points, there are some workarounds that allow a game to be saved. These workarounds are essential if you want to be able to guarantee your game is saved at any given point.

How to Make Homemade Seaweed Fertilizer

Close-up photograph of seaweed on a sand and pebble beech.

Seaweed is an abundant source of minerals and nutrients that will feed plants and, when mixed with earth, replenish tired soil. As creating a seaweed solution for plants is a relatively simple process that is inexpensive, knowing how to do it is an important tool for any gardener with access to the sea.

What is a Contract?

Contracts are legal documents created to demonstrate an agreement on behalf of two parties to undertake a certain endeavour. The subject of the contract can be anything from buying a newspaper to building the Large Hadron Collider.