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Spindrone (Amstrad CPC, 1988) Retro Review

Some games never get the credit they deserve at the time. With this little game from Atlantis Software and Robert Lever, it’s very much the case. Spindrone went unreviewed in the major magazine of the time, Amstrad Action, but its release in 1988 at the budget label price of £1.99 ensured sales nevertheless. It’s a […]

How and When to Pick Figs

Figs are a soft, sweet fruit that many find delicious. They grow in a wide variety of climates and make the perfect choice for an alternative to home-grown apples. They can be difficult for a newcomer to learn how to spot when figs are ripe but with careful attention, the results are well worth the […]

How To Write A CV

With the jobs market the way it is, your CV is often the first and only impression you get to make on a potential employer, so make sure it’s a good one. A good CV lifts you out of the pile of applicants for each job and shows your future boss that you’ve got what […]

Book Review: The Trilisk Ruins by Michael McCloskey

If anything, this book is proof that advertising works when you do it long enough. I originally picked up an eBook copy of The Trilisk Ruins (Parker Interstellar Travels, book 1) because I had seen its cover used in Google adverts all over the Internet. It’s an intriguing cover and it actually does have something to do with the story, which is more than I can say for a lot of books these days (mine included, I’m sorry to say).