Bedroom Decoration Tips

Photograph of a modern bedroom

Use light and space to create a calming environment

When decorating a bedroom, the most important thing to remember is the main function of the room: to provide somewhere for sleeping. With this in mind, the best decorations for bedrooms are those that emphasize calm, create a relaxing atmosphere and help people to drift off to a restful sleep. This can be achieved through a variety of measures, such as calming colours, minimal clutter and good use of space in general.

Neutral Colours
Because they are primarily rooms for rest, so it is advisable to use soothing colours. In colour theory, the best decorations for bedrooms feature mainly neutral colours such as whites, greys, and light browns or greens as these are soothing. Colour theory tells us that bright colours are exciting, so it is best to avoid these when possible; unless using a bright colour for accentuation or highlights in drapes, curtains or a rug.

Clear Spaces
Messy and cluttered bedrooms cause an extra level of mental stress, albeit often in the back of the mind, and makes it more difficult to fall asleep. A bedroom whose decorations are minimalist helps to remove the sense of clutter. Similarly, keeping surfaces such as bedside tables and wardrobes clear of loose clothes and unnecessary items will help reduce mess and make the bedroom more peaceful.

A bedroom with plenty of light enhances the feeling of space in the room. This creates an appearance of less clutter as well as more space, which helps to de-stress the room in the same way that clear spaces will. In addition, more light in the room will help a person sleeping in the bedroom to rise early; which is an advantage to anyone who starts work in the mornings.

Be aware of the space you have available and try not to crowd the room. A small room can easily become overwhelmed by too many colours, too much furniture and too many ornaments. Similarly, a large bedroom with too little in it will look sparse and cold. Spread the furniture out and use a small number of colours to avoid overcrowding.

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