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We Must Teach Law in Schools

Recently the Office of Fair Trading issued a warning to businesses that it wants “no unwelcome surprises” in consumer contracts, especially in the small print. According to the BBC, a report from the OFT suggested 20 percent of the country had experienced contractual problems in 2010 and 70 percent of the OFT’s workload was caused by contractual disputes.

What is a Referendum?

In Britain there has been a massive rebellion of sorts on the back benches of the House of Commons, the main seat of power in the United Kingdom’s Parliament. With all this going on in the news right now I thought this would be an excellent time to answer the question “What is a referendum?”

Cactus Pollination

'Hermosas flores rojas de cactus' by Por Salvador

Cacti have evolved to reproduce in two different ways: asexually, where a portion of the cactus grows and then splits off to form a new yet identical cactus; and sexually, where genetic material from another cactus mixes with the genes of the host cactus, forming a new cactus that is different to both of its parents.