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How and When to Pick Figs

Figs are a soft, sweet fruit that many find delicious. They grow in a wide variety of climates and make the perfect choice for an alternative to home-grown apples. They can be difficult for a newcomer to learn how to spot when figs are ripe but with careful attention, the results are well worth the […]

How To Write A CV

With the jobs market the way it is, your CV is often the first and only impression you get to make on a potential employer, so make sure it’s a good one. A good CV lifts you out of the pile of applicants for each job and shows your future boss that you’ve got what […]

Telling the time in Norwegian

Time in Norwegian uses a mixture of the English and German methods of speaking, which can seem a little confusing at first for new learners. However, with some practice and these helpful tips, you will get up to speed on how to tell the time in Norwegian quickly. How to ask what time it is […]

How to Write A Comic Book Script

There are many ways to script a comic but we’re going to discuss the style I picked up when first starting out in comics. It’s a modified version of the style Neil Gaiman uses, which is apparently a modified version of the style Alan Moore uses so you know it’s a scripting style that works.

How to Save Your Game in LEGO Star Wars

Screenshot from LEGO Star Wars

Unlike many other modern video games, LEGO Star Wars contains no traditional “save game” option. The save game system in LEGO Star Wars instead relies heavily on auto saving at key points during play. In addition to reaching these points, there are some workarounds that allow a game to be saved. These workarounds are essential if you want to be able to guarantee your game is saved at any given point.