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How to Make Homemade Seaweed Fertilizer

Close-up photograph of seaweed on a sand and pebble beech.

Seaweed is an abundant source of minerals and nutrients that will feed plants and, when mixed with earth, replenish tired soil. As creating a seaweed solution for plants is a relatively simple process that is inexpensive, knowing how to do it is an important tool for any gardener with access to the sea.

How to Change a Car Tyre

It is important when setting out on a journey to check the condition of your spare wheel at the same time that you check the condition of the other road wheels. It is all too easy to neglect the spare and find that the tyre is flat on it in the moment of need!

How to change the oil on a car

The following steps are basic and apply to most types of car or truck engine. An oil and filter change is not difficult, and should be achievable by any confident novice with the right tools.

How to Build a Trunk

A trunk or chest is a popular piece of furniture for storing large or bulky items, clothes, towels or anything else that is used regularly but needs to be stored somewhere safe and out of the way when not in use. You can build a trunk using basic materials inside of a day and it will last for many years.

How to Build a Wood Sofa

Building an exposed wood sofa involves creating a rigid wooden frame from pieces of solid wood. This can then be lined with plywood or other hard woods, to form the basis of the support for the soft cushions the user will actually sit on.

How to Lay Model Grass Suitable for A Model Railway or Wargame Board

The following steps are designed to accompany the short video and it is helpful to watch the video with reference to the information below. This article is intended to give you a simple overview to the basics of laying simple grass ground cover suitable to make scenic a model railway/railroad or for use on a […]