How to Save Your Game in LEGO Star Wars

Screenshot from LEGO Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars uses auto saves rather than traditional save points.

Unlike many other modern video games, LEGO Star Wars contains no traditional “save game” option. The save game system in LEGO Star Wars instead relies heavily on auto saving at key points during play. In addition to reaching these points, there are some workarounds that allow a game to be saved. These workarounds are essential if you want to be able to guarantee your game is saved at any given point.

Things You Will Need

  • LEGO Star Wars

Ways to Force A Game Save in Lego Star Wars

  1. Turn on the auto save function in the options menu. Without autosaving, you will be required to save the game manually each time a mission is completed or any function is triggered that requires the game to be saved. Auto saving will save you a lot of hassle.
  2. Complete a mission. LEGO Star Wars saves your game after each mission is completed, but not during a mission. Each save game is tied to your profile for the character you are using so it is possible to have multiple save games with different characters but each character must start playing from the start of any mission.
  3. Change costumes. Visiting the Cantina in the Original Trilogy or Complete Saga versions of LEGO Star Wars allows you to change your character’s costumes (if you have costumes unlocked and available at the time). This will trigger an auto save of your game and thereby bypass the usual restriction on saving the game. The same happens if you purchase something in the Cantina.

Top Tip

Keep a backup of your save game on another memory card, or your computer (if possible with your current setup). This will allow you to return to a backup save game if you find you have made an error and need to retrace your steps, or if the copy of the save game you have been using becomes damaged or otherwise inaccessible.

Please Note

It is not possible to save the game during a mission, only at the end of a mission that has been completed successfully. You should therefore set aside enough time to complete a mission before setting out in order to avoid losing any progress by having to shut down the machine before you have completed whatever tasks the game has set you.

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