Moon Town: A Review

The first thing that struck me when visiting Moon Town was that although this is a new comic, it has a slick look and feel that makes it seem like it’s been here forever. There are veteran comics doing the rounds that don’t have the presentation Steve Ogden has managed in just shy of seven months.

The comic opens with a shot of one of the best-looking spaceships I’ve seen in a long time. Immediately we are presented with richly detailed art that draws you in from the opening page.

The ships look like there’s some depth to them. They look chunky; and I mean that in a good way. It’s the same with the characters: each has just enough detail to make them seem real, but they don’t lose that funky cartoon feel that makes this comic look so good.

Moon Town, episode 1

The dialogue in Moon Town is as impressive as the artwork

The dialogue only serves to enhance the comic, too. From the docking station worker with his distinctive “Mornin’, luv” greeting (Which I instantly heard in a Lancastrian accent) to the annoying morning television presenter’s over-happy rhyming dialogue, every member of the cast feels not only distinctive, but real enough to take by the hand (or the throat, in the case of vid-jockey Triple Bee. You’d want to punch him too if he was what greeted you at 5.30am).

What’s not to like about this comic? Not a lot, quite frankly. It looks like it just stepped out of one of the post-punk British comics, like the modern issues of 2000AD, and this is no bad thing. There’s good design, snappy dialogue, and even an excellent choice of font (Eurocomic, from Blambot, which only serves to enhance the post-punk underground European comic feel that’s going on here).

If there’s anything to be derisive about, it can only really be the pacing. Each update gives around three panels of story, which usually takes up a second or two of story time. While reading through the archives this is not really a problem (unless you’re on a slow connection, in which case constantly pressing ‘next’ is going to really get on your nerves).

Yes that means the artist has more time to spend on the luscious detail and top-notch colouring but at the same time, it isn’t endearing me to come back every time the comic updates.

Because of the pacing, popping in once a week makes for better reading. Either that or wait for the print version; which it seems will not be long in coming now.

Moon Town is a fantastic new comic that definitely warrants your attention. With a little more comic in each update, this would be perfect but as it stands, it’s still worth visiting even if you’re not a science-fiction fan. The artwork alone is worth the bandwidth, and the well-executed characters will put many more established comics to shame.

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