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Drawing male and female anatomy

If you’re going to be drawing webcomics, one of the things you will almost inevitably have to do at some point is draw a person. Since we are surrounded by people (or images of people at the very least) every day, we have become very good at recognising when a drawing of a person does not look right. Learning to draw humans (or a passable facsimile of a human) is one of the entry-point skills you will need if you are going to be a success at making webcomics.

Standing Out

You don’t get ahead by being lost in the crowd, as some business person or lifestyle coach has inevitably said at some time. It’s as true in the vacuous world of “lifestyle gurus” as it is in comics.

Adding mouseover text to your comics

Many popular comic websites contain little extra jokes in the form of mouseover text; the little captions that appear when you rest the mouse on a link, image or even general text. xkcd is probably the most famous for this, given that it has at least one joke or comment on each comic (and sometimes they are funnier than anything in the main comic).

Cross hatching

Cross hatching, the ancient art of drawing intersecting lines, is something that has never seen a significant amount of favour in web comics. This may be due to a number of issues, the main one being the dominance of low-res images during the formative years of online comic publication, but with the advent of higher quality displays, adding a little cross hatching can really add a sense of depth to your comics.

Dialogue Free Comics Day

I’m not usually one for requests, especially requests that involve me shutting up; even for a day. Nevertheless, when Noel Curry of Dialogue Free Comics Day emailed me about this year’s event, I had to say something about it. Oh, the irony.