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How and When to Pick Figs

Figs are a soft, sweet fruit that many find delicious. They grow in a wide variety of climates and make the perfect choice for an alternative to home-grown apples. They can be difficult for a newcomer to learn how to spot when figs are ripe but with careful attention, the results are well worth the […]

How to Lay Model Grass Suitable for A Model Railway or Wargame Board

The following steps are designed to accompany the short video and it is helpful to watch the video with reference to the information below. This article is intended to give you a simple overview to the basics of laying simple grass ground cover suitable to make scenic a model railway/railroad or for use on a […]

How to Build an AV Cabinet

Audio-visual, or “AV”, cabinets combine storage space, shelving and somewhere to put your television. They help keep a room tidy by packaging the TV, DVD player and even some DVDs together in one place. Buying a sturdy AV cabinet can be costly and the cheaper alternatives don’t always last. As an alternative, you can make your own DIY AV cabinet and save yourself some cash while ensuring the cabinet fits with the décor of your room at the same time.

Build Your Own Entertainment Center

Photograph of a home entertainment centre, by jsmgr

Entertainment centers are a highly functional decorative unit that will keep your electronic equipment secure in one place. You can build a cheap entertainment center yourself in a day that will help you make better use of the space in your home.