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Cactus Pollination

'Hermosas flores rojas de cactus' by Por Salvador

Cacti have evolved to reproduce in two different ways: asexually, where a portion of the cactus grows and then splits off to form a new yet identical cactus; and sexually, where genetic material from another cactus mixes with the genes of the host cactus, forming a new cactus that is different to both of its parents.

How to Graft Knock Out Roses

Photograph of a rose

Knock out roses are a manufactured breed of rose, produced through selective breeding for its hardiness and appealing looks. As a result of this breeding, it is an almost entirely sterile rose; with the female plants being almost entirely infertile. When attempting to propagate it is therefore essential to know how to cut and graft knock out roses in order to ensure any level of success.